Everyone has different tastes in music. I like a pretty wide variety from The Carpenters to Marty Robbins to Black Sabbath but I guess I gravitate to Hard rock / Metal the most, so if you're not a fan of this genre, you might not like most of this stuff.

Note that if you're on Android trying to use the javascript based player in the links below, you'll have to hit the pause/play button to get the playback going. This is because Chrome on an Android phone by default won't play HTML audio so it won't eat up your data plan.

M3D sessions (2011-2017)

Starting in about 2011 (IIRC?) Danny Robinson, and I started getting together to make some "Noise in the basement". In 2013 or so we got Danny's brother Mark to join us and play some real drums instead of the canned backing tracks I had put together. Then around 2013 or so we also got Dave Metzdorf to join in on the fun holding down the bass which was sorely lacking up to that point.

We don't have an offical name yet, Dr. Double D's is the current frontrunning suggestion. Originally I dumped our recordings into a folder called M2D for obvious reasons, and when Dave joined that was easy enough to change to M3D (rhymes with mp3... ha).

We still get together most Thursdays to hang out, jam out and and unwind. Originally I just recorded a few our sessions as a stereo mix from the board (a Behringer 1202FX) into my Zoom H2. Occasionally though the levels would clip the input stage on the Zoom. We now use a Behringer UFX 1204 which is handy because it records direct onto a USB thumb drive and can record each track individually which alows for remixing in post which I sometimes do. If I'm lazy I'll just use the original stereo track.

Play or download tracks/practice sessions here.

To Mars (2015-2016)

This was a case of "Lets see if I can actually get some songs done instead of just messing around". One of the songs has my kids doing the blast off count down. This was all recorded, mixed and finished on the Zoom R8.

Play or download the tracks here.

Psycho S0nic 2unes (2003-2004)

As you might guess from the title, the Psycho S0nic 2unes album was recorded entirely on the Zoom PS-02. Well it was supposed to be, but I ended up upgrading to the PS-04 when I was almost done so a few of the songs were done on a PS-04. Many of the songs are collaborations with other Zoomers who hang out on this online forum. The forum is a fun place where people post songs and give each other help and feedback. See the album track list artwork for credits on who did what. The contributors were Seth Bata, Andrew Thompson, Danny Prouty, Paul Tedeschi, and Jonny Prouty, thanks again guys!

While the PS-0x's are great for song writing I'm not really happy with the sonic quality of the end product so I'll probably re-record some of them again just like on Unsolicted. Seems like I never get it acceptable (to myself anyway) the first time... or the second.

The equipment used on this is pretty straight forward: Just a PS-02 or PS-04, my Epiphone Les Paul or Guild acoustic, and sometimes a Shure SM58 instead of the PS-0x built in microphone.

Play or download the tracks here.

Beige (2002)

Beige is an instrumental album. Originally it was just some song ideas that I was messing around with, but I never made proper songs out of most of them. I had burned a CD-R (remember those early recordable CD's that were sorta a beige color? Hence the name) with the songs on it to give a test listen in the car, and Heather ended up liking the CD so this is how they just stayed.

Play or download the tracks here.

Unsolicited (1997-2001)

The songs for Unsolicited were written in the mid 1990s, however my first attempts at recording them produced less than satisfactory results. At the time I was just learning about recording using my Turtle Beach sound card and Cakewalk Pro Audio. There was also the matter of my lackluster vocal performace. Really it was horrible! As a result I only shared the initial CD with some friends who gave me some good suggestions on how I might improve it.

I ended up re-recording everything and even dropped a few of the original tracks in favor of some newer things I had written that gave the album a more consistant feel overall. The re-recorded tracks are what you can download below, they were done in the 2001 time frame.

Most if not all of the guitar you hear was my Gibson Les Paul into a Digitech RP2000 for effects. On some songs I used Band In a Box to generate MIDI drum tracks which I fed into an Alesis DM Pro for drum sounds. Some of the songs I played a Roland SPD-20 drum pad and others I used a Pintech electronic set again into the Alesis DM Pro. Vocals were usually through an AT4033 into a dbx compressor and from there to an Alesis MidiVerb 4. Everything was recorded into the computer through an Echo Layla.

Play or download the tracks here.

Misc tracks (2003-2017)

This is just a collection of miscellanous tracks I've recorded with various people.

Play or download the tracks here.