ZOOMTools (GPL'ed source code) is a cross platform C library for managing the projects and rhythm patterns for the ZOOM PS-02, PS-04, and MRS family of devices. It contains some command line programs for conversion of PS-02 songs and patterns to PS-04 and MRS format, and rudimentary dumping and editing. It also contains a GUI program for managing a PS-02 card (screenshot). A card manager for the MRS-8 is in the works. ZOOM stores audio data in mono .aud (PS-02 and PS-04) or .zaf (MRS-8) files. You can use zoom2wav.c (included in the ZOOMTools package above) to convert a single .aud or .zaf to a mono .wav file or a pair of .auds or .zafs to a stereo .wav file. This is the software I use to get my mixed down stereo track pair into .wav format on the computer.

DOS/Windows binaries:
PS02 Manager.exe (You will also need the GTK+ runtime)


GNoise is a wave file editor I wrote for Linux because I wasn't happy with what existed at the time. It can handle large files very quickly due to the fact that it mmap's the file and works directly on it. It uses the GNOME/Gtk toolkit. I haven't done any development on it for some time so its a bit out of date, but if you only need basic audio editing it might be just what you need.


I wrote an mp3 (or any set of uniformly named files) renamer in Perl with a Glade interface which is available here. The obligatory screenshot is larger than the program itself. Beware that I'm no Perl guru, I just wanted to try out gtk from a scripted language and this seemed simple enough.